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Informa’s publications and events help drive better decisions in just about all spheres of society; from health science to shipping intelligence, leaving a truly global social, cultural and economic ‘brainprint’ in our wake.
We are making good progress in aligning our CR programme with our business objective of being the world’s best knowledge provider. All our businesses share a commitment to ensuring that our content is always professionally produced, rigorously researched and properly disseminated.

Developing The Highest Quality Content
Safeguarding trust and integrity
Our academic publishers, T&F, operate a robust and well regarded peer review process to ensure that content is always of the highest standard. Both of our publishing arms, Informa Business Information (IBI) and T&F, work with the Committee on Publication Ethics (“COPE”), a charity dedicated to promoting the integrity of peer-reviewed publications in science. IBI also has a strong editorial and content code in place. On the events side, our event production process is strongly research driven, with some of our bigger events employing independent advisory boards to help shape content.

We share best practice standards and guidelines across the Group and Informa businesses frequently receive considerable praise and recognition for the content we provide. Examples of these can be found in the ‘Our Content’ section of our annual CR reports.

Promoting the topic of sustainability
Several of our products and services facilitate debate around sustainability directly. Earthscan, part of T&F, is widely recognised as the world’s leading publisher on sustainability and environmental technologies. On the events side, the examples of sustainability-themed content are numerous:Informa Corporate Responsibility Renewable Energy Conference

• Our TOC Container Supply Chain Europe conference brings together leading experts to explore new approaches and technologies to deliver ‘green’ container transport operations
• Our Handelsblatt Annual Conference “Renewable Energy” has established itself as one of the most important events for the sector
• Our Solar Middle East exhibition facilitates the most comprehensive gathering of solar industry professionals in the region

Making Our Content As Widely Available As Possible
We do business in almost all countries and are always exploring ways to innovate our delivery platforms and formats to maximise reach and accessibility.

Open Access
Open Access (OA) initiatives, which aim to apply the principles of free availability and unrestricted use to the results of academic research, continue to evolve. Widening access will require co-ordinated, balanced action by funders, universities, researchers, libraries, publishers and others. Research has advised that no single model can, on its own, maximise access to research publications. Implementation is proving complex and we have held focus groups with key university stakeholders to understand how OA will be applied in their institutions, and we are investing resources in staff and new systems to further develop our OA capabilities. Currently, more than 96% of our journals have an OA option and we expect this figure to reach 100% in the near future. In addition, we publish 22 pure OA journals and expect to grow this further.

Broadening access in developing countries
We continue to provide free and low-cost access to our publications for the research community and not-for-profit institutions in developing countries. We do so through the International Association for Digital Publishers’ Affordable Access Program, INASP’s PERii Program, TEEAL, and Research4Life which includes the Hinari Access to Research in Health Program. Taylor & Francis remains an active founding member of Publishers for Development (PfD). In addition, Taylor & Francis’ home-grown author access and resource programme, STAR, continues to grow strongly, with 1,000s of researchers from Africa, South Asia and Latin America registered.

Expanding our reach
It is imperative for us to explore ways to innovate our delivery platforms and formats to maximise reach and accessibility. Some examples of recent developments are:

Routledge’s digital South Asia Archive, developed in association with the South Asia Research Foundation. In response to growing demand from researchers for research and teaching resources relating to South Asia, the archive offers over five million pages of interdisciplinary content;

Informa Healthcare launched a new partnership with the Chinese Medical Record Association for the publication of Chinese Medical Record: English Edition. This marks an important step in making high-quality, peer-reviewed content from China accessible worldwide; and

• Taylor & Francis announced a new publishing partnership with the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ), bringing quality peer-reviewed articles to a global audience, in print and online.

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