Results & Reporting

Group Revenue 1,137.0 1,130.0 0.6 0.7
Operating profit (2.4) 146.0    
Adjusted operating profit¹ 334.1 334.7  (0.2)  (0.5)
Adjusted operating margin (%)¹ 29.4 29.6    
Operating cash flow² 323.8 329.2    
(Loss)Profit before tax (31.2) 115.4    
Adjusted profit before tax¹ 309.6 307.3    
Loss for the year (51.0) (6.5)    
Adjusted profit for the year¹ 246.8 241.4    
Basic earnings (loss) per share (p) (8.6) 17.1    
Diluted earnings (loss) per share (p) (8.6) 17.1    
Adjusted diluted earnings per share(p)¹ 40.3 40.1    
Dividend per share(p) 19.3 18.9    
Free cash flow² 232.5 207.8    
Net debt3 876.2 782.6    

In this document 'organic' refers to results adjusted for material acquisitions and disposals and the effects of changes in foreign currency exchange rates.  In this document we refer to adjusted and statutory results. Adjusted results are prepared to provide a useful alternative measure to explain the Group’s underlying business performance.
¹Adjusted results exclude adjusting items as set out in the Consolidated Income Statement and detailed in note 2.
²Operating cash flow and free cash flow are as calculated on page 13.
³Net debt as calculated in note 12.
4Restated for the change in accounting for joint ventures.

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