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Global Exhibitions Division

The Global Exhibitions Division connects groups seeking to develop commercial relationships and expand their business. It organises transaction-oriented Exhibitions that enable specialist communities to meet face to face and conduct business. Global Exhibitions is a global business, running events in all major regions, with a growing presence in the world’s largest Exhibitions market, the US.

We operate exhibitions in a range of sectors, with strong global positions in Global Health & Nutrition, Real Estate & Construction, Pop Culture and Beauty & Aesthetics. Our business-to-business events attract corporates, government bodies, associations and professional services firms, and exhibitors and visitors come from all over the world. Most of our revenue is generated through the sale of exhibition stand space per square metre. Some exhibitions, largely our consumer ones, charge a fee to attend. Additional revenue is generated by sponsorship and advertising around the show, and by income through awards held alongside the main exhibition.

  • >170


  • Over 1m

    Sqm exhibition space

  • Key Verticals

    Health & Nutrition/ Real Estate/ Beauty

  • US Exhibitions

    7 shows in industry top 250

  • 47%

    Revenue from emerging markets

  • Top 20

    Events represent >60% revenue

  • Arab Health

    Our largest event by revenue

  • Agrishow

    Our largest event by floor space

  • Revenue by Type %

    • Business Intelligence's Revenue by Type
    •    Attendees - 13%

         Exhibitors - 75%

         Sponsorship - 9%

         Advertising - 3%

  • Revenue by Region %

    • Business Intelligence's Revenue by Geography
    •    UK - 2%

         North America - 38%

         Continental Europe - 10%

         Rest of World - 50%

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Global Exhibitions Division

In the digital era, the value of face-to-face media has risen. For many specialist communities, particularly international industries with large supply chains, meeting customers and making connections face to face is intrinsic to their commercial success, but is made difficult when customers are more global and communications increasingly online and virtual.

The Global Exhibitions Division creates value by connecting buyers and sellers within a sector, creating events where products are launched, relationships made, agreements signed, contracts won, and where industries truly come together.

The largest exhibitions in each sector become annual focal points for a market. Companies meet customers face-to-face, talk in person and do business, with the success of an exhibition measured by the value of contracts signed and by the number and quality of leads generated. While the content differs, the principles remain the same with our consumer exhibitions. People interested in a particular theme seek to gather and connect with suppliers showcasing their latest products and services, and make purchases.

Most of our exhibitions take place annually but some are held every two, three or even four years, depending on the requirements of the sector. In fast growing markets, the amount of floor space sold can increase dramatically from one show to the next as suppliers look to capitalise on demand for products and services. The Global Exhibitions Division’s skill is in bringing together the right people within communities and building an exhibition brand that becomes acknowledge and accepted as a must-attend event. It requires an in-depth understanding of the industry being served and strong connections with industry players, relevant trade associations and connected government bodies. Often, existing exhibitors will want to broaden their customer base in a new territory, and to serve this market, we use our scale and expertise to launch new shows or geo-clone an exhibition, taking an existing brand into a new region. Our reach also allows us to secure venue capacity and gain local support from government and industry bodies, giving new events a better chance of success.

Learn more about the different verticals we serve within the Divisions section of the website.

Some of our key events:

  • FanExpo Canada
  • Fan EXPO Canada

    The 3rd largest pop culture event in North America

  • 1000


  • ~125,000

    Fans this September

  • cityscape
  • Cityscape Global

    Cityscape Global is the world's largest networking exhibition and conference on property development. It is a trade show for the real estate industry in Dubai attended by regional and international investors

  • 10.8bn

    worth of project announcements

  • 47,000


  • China Beauty
  • China Beauty

    The leading beauty trade show in Asia

  • 1,800


  • 250,000


  • arab health
  • Arab Health

    The largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress in the Middle East and second largest in the world

  • 3,800


  • 87,000


  • World of Concrete
  • World of Concrete

    The Industry's only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry industries.

  • ~1,450


  • 675,000

    SQ Feet of Exhibit space

  • Agrishow
  • Agrishow

    One of the world's largest and most comprehensive agricultural technology trade shows.

  • 160,000


  • 800



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