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Informa Connect

To grow, do business, make breakthroughs and take better informed decisions, specialists need the support of other specialists.

Informa’s leading brands and expert teams operate events and exhibitions, deliver intelligence-based products and data-driven services, convene communities in person and digitally and provide access to cutting-edge research for specialist customer communities worldwide.

Each of our five operating divisions has a distinct focus. Learn more about the brands, products and services provided by our divisions below, and see our organisational structure and the guiding principles that underpin our business.

  • What We Do

Fear of missing out is not just a phenomenon driven by social media. Professionals in every specialist market have a need to meet, learn, network and be seen at their community’s most important events.

Informa Connect aims to provide expert content you cannot Google, and access to specialist networks and communities, through major branded annual events and specialist digital communities and content services.

We continually develop our event brands to ensure they deliver outstanding experiences and a quantifiable return to attendees, sponsors and speakers, and invest in the digital platforms and services that allow specialist customer communities to connect, learn more and do more year round. 
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partnering meetings held at Bio-Europe 2018
20+ years
SuperReturn brand established over 20 years ago
decision makers attend FundForum International
attendees from 90+ countries at Greenbuild 2018

Specialist Brands and Markets

Informa Connect operates content-driven events, communities and services in Life Sciences and Finance, and in a number of other specialist sectors.

Many are renowned as the leading brands for their markets, including BIO-Europe, Biotech Showcase and TIDES in Life Sciences; SuperReturn, FundForum and Inside ETFs in Finance; TMRE in Marketing and Market Research and CMA Shipping in Martime.

Informa Connect Products and Services

We run around 800 events each year in over 60 countries, with 30 event brands of a scale that generates over £1m in revenue.

Our events are based on cutting-edge content, compelling programmes with internationally-recognised speakers, and many offer highly structured opportunities for networking, enabled by technology.

Informa Connect also provides digital content platforms and marketing services, often closely connected to our event brands, that create year-round connection, learning and engagement opportunities, and runs training and professional development programmes tied to our key communities.


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