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Agribusiness Intelligence

Our customers rely on us as the go-to provider of news, data, analysis and forecasts across the agricultural and commodities value chain. Delivering a critical information advantage in a fast paced and volatile industry, we help the world’s largest and most influential agribusiness organisations work faster and smarter.

Through a combination of highly respected insight and data, forecasting and analysis, focused one-off reports, events and bespoke consultancy, we help our customers understand the global agribusiness supply chain. We also provide the timely, actionable intelligence they need to make business-critical decisions with confidence, whether to mitigate risk or identify new opportunities.

Agri quote

“I have recommended Agrow to several colleagues for the simple reason that as far as I'm concerned it's the best, most up-to-date publication on crop protection products available.”

Research Manager,
Global Agri-chemical and seeds company

Providing clients with an advantage across the agribusiness value chain

Agricultural Inputs

Our crop protection, fertilizer and animal health services provide vital global market intelligence and analysis to customers involved in the manufacture, research, regulation, trade and purchase of these essential components of the food value chain. Providing product, company and regional analysis, our leading brands offer our customers the most timely and accurate market data and analysis available to help them to understand what is happening now, in the future and the impact this will have on their business.

Agricultural Commodities

We provide manufacturing, trader, analytical, and procurement customers with the deep, niche market intelligence they need to understand where the market is heading through our leading commodity analysis services, helping them buy or sell at the correct times in the correct markets. Our in-depth historical supply, demand and price data and forecast data with expert analysis allow customers to justify their positions, react to opportunities (either a sudden or likely price movement or change in regulation), in order to make or save money and mitigate risk.

Agricultural Food Policy & Regulation

Customers involved in the processing of agricultural commodities into saleable products and its regulation rely on our services to understand how the latest global agricultural trends will impact their profitability or that of their clients. We provide reliable, actionable business intelligence which influences ingredient buying decisions and go-to market strategy for companies’ finished goods and packaging.