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29- 30 June 2016 | Olympia London - Conference and Exhibition

28 June 2016 | Hilton Olympia - Focus Days

5G World is one of our top conferences for the telecoms, media & technology industries. Delivered by the Knowledge & Networking Division, it provides this specialist community with a forum to connect, network and exchange knowledge.

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Evolving LTE networks to power the IoT revolution

  • LTE 2015
  • With the communication technology 4G/LTE now deployed in nearly every part of the world, operators, vendors and consumers are looking to the next generation telecoms standard, 5G, to help deliver the services consumers will expect in 2020 and beyond.

    5G World 2016 brings together telecom operators, solution providers and Internet of Things specialists to discuss and define the shift to this 2020 vision.

    // 3GPP enthusiastically supports 5G World 2016 in its endeavour to deliver a Conference and Exhibition that will help define the 5G ecosystem. //


    // The 5G network will be the fabric that opens up a whole new set of human possibilities. At Nokia we aim to show the new applications and use cases live on our 5G multi-service network architecture, preparing operators and their customers for new business opportunities. The 5G Live Demo Zone at 5G World is an excellent opportunity to show the huge bandwidth of what will be possible with 5G which will accelerate further innovation. We are delighted to contribute to the 5G Live Demo Zone with a world’s first live demonstration of autonomous vehicles controlled by a low latency, highly reliable 5G architecture. //

    Corporate Events Manager, Nokia

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Why Attend?

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Over the last decade, 4G / LTE has enabled telecom operators to provide a raft of new services to consumers, who have jumped at the chance to consume more and more data at ever increasing speeds and reliability.

For years, we staged the LTE World Summit and helped make 4G / LTE a reality. As the industry shifts to 5G, LTE World Summit has become 5G World to support the industry to connect, network and share knowledge as it transitions and shifts to a new vision for 5G.The conference programme has been developed in collaboration with cross-industry experts, ensuring it tackles the most important topics on the road to 5G. A conference pass gives all attendees access to a great range of content and networking opportunities:

Eight tracks of exclusive content, interactive debates and dynamic session formats, which will help organisations determine their path to 5G and share expertise with the industry.

Live demonstrations of the products and solutions that 5G networks will enable, including: robotics, construction, future cars, healthcare applications, smart cities and much more.

Conference Zone: exclusive for conference attendees, this is the perfect place to meet senior stakeholders in the industry.

Our event app allows you to browse the entire attendee list, make contact with prospects and arrange meetings.

Download event presentations post-event to make the most of your learning experience.

Get your conference pass here

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5G World is more than just an exhibition.

Featuring free-to-attend demonstrations, theatres, speaker interviews and product launches, as well eight tracks of exclusive content for premium conference delegates, there are plenty of reasons for the entire LTE and 5G community to be part of it.

Demonstrations will feature NFV/SDN technology, beam forming concepts, backhaul layouts and much more.

See the exhibition details and floor plan here

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The LTE and 5G Awards 2016

The LTE and 5G Awards 2016 return for its seventh Edition. They serve as the industry’s opportunity to praise, recognise and endorse the latest developments in 5G research, product development and innovative use cases and network architecture.

The categories cover the wide range of 5G technologies and acknowledge the work being done to bridge the gap between LTE and 5G.

Judged by senior analysts and industry experts from across the globe, the categories represent the whole ecosystem and R&D process, from the initial concept stages, to successful trials and demonstrations of LTE and 5G technology.

Full details on categories, 2015 winners and how to book a seat or table at

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Registration and Enquiries

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