Relations with Shareholders

Informa aims to communicate with Shareholders in a clear, open and informative way while meeting all necessary standards for public company disclosure. 

The programme is led by the Director of Investor Relations, Corporate Communications & Brand, who is also a member of the Executive Management Team. The CEO and CFO are heavily involved in activities, and Informa’s Divisional CEOs take part where practical and where Shareholders have a particular interest in meeting them. Relations with Shareholders is a topic of reference and interest at every Board meeting.

Formal Shareholder engagement takes place throughout the year to coincide with Informa’s financial reporting calendar. The Group aims to make all its formal investor presentations and materials as accessible as possible to all Shareholders, no matter their location or size of holding, and this website was relaunched in 2015 to provide additional content and improved functionality for Shareholders. All results presentation webcasts are available here, with video and slides archived for on demand access, and the audio and transcript of conference calls also available.

Typically, Informa holds an annual Investor Day to provide more in-depth information on a Division, topic or theme of interest to Shareholders.

Additionally, Informa regularly holds one-to-one meetings and conference calls with existing and potential Shareholders and analysts around the world, through roadshows, attending conferences and in response to ad hoc requests. 

We also run an active programme of engagement with our debtholders. While the Group currently has no public bonds, we have US private placement loan notes held by a number of institutions. There is close liaison between the treasury and investor relations teams and a common commitment to clear and open engagement.