Part of our customer communities

Many stories in this report have at their heart the notion of creating sustainable, thriving communities – not just the communities around our offices but particularly the communities we foster for and with our customers. This is where we have our biggest impact. At our best, we are a partner in discrete, specialist and often unique markets and niches. We seek to make our customers more connected, smarter, better informed and better able to make the right decisions, personally and professionally.

This builds our customer relationships and ensures Informa is seen as a part of those communities rather than a simple service provider. In some parts of our business, particularly part of our Knowledge & Networking and Global Exhibitions businesses, our convening role – bringing together suppliers, peers and thought leaders – is what our customers value most. If we create the right environments and platforms for building effective relationships, we can have a significant role in helping those communities be successful and address the societal issues they are working to address.

For customers of other divisions, such as Academic Publishing and Business Intelligence, Informa is often the main curator of the accessible and relevant knowledge they rely on to make decisions. Within Global Support, many of our colleagues work to promote effective communities within Informa’s own business and provide links to external communities as well. In 2016, our GAP programme has enhanced many of the tools, particularly digital platforms, that we use to target and connect our communities more regularly and effectively. 2017 will see this technology be deployed further.