Paying Fair Tax Where We Do Business

Informa creates economic value in many ways: we stimulate business deals, we bring tens of thousands of customers to some of our host cities, we procure from local suppliers and we pay tax. We view the taxes we pay as part of the economic benefit we create for societies in which we operate, and believe that a fair and effective tax system is in the interests of tax-payers and society at large.

Paying tax in our markets gives us an obvious return as governments provide the services that our business relies on to be successful, now and in the future. This includes, for example, education for our current and future customers, infrastructure to allow people to access our events, and services that make In 2017, we are looking to host cities appealing. relaunch volunteering with a focus on where it can add value to the business: developing skills, building teams, partnering with others to trial new solutions.

It’s my ambition to help every colleague see volunteering as a way of building their career and every team manager seeing it as a way of energising their teams. Fiona Gibson Communities Senior Associate Our key tax principles are:

  • Paying our taxes where we do business • Complying with, and following the spirit not just the letter of the law in the countries where we operate • Engaging constructively and openly with local and national tax authorities
  • Following legislation and rules to best serve our business, colleagues and shareholders. The graphics and table above show the tax we paid in 2016. In 2017, we will publish more details on our tax strategy on our website because we recognise the growing need to be transparent.
Our 2016 Total Tax Contribution was made up of:
  Worldwide Amount paid in UK
Corporation tax (and similar) £43m £24m
Employees Social Security Contributions £30m £17m
Net VAT income taxes and social £12m £(7)m
Employees income taxes and social £98m £44m
Total tax contribution £183m £77m