As a leading specialist media business, we create a lot of value for a relatively small direct environmental impact – that impact being carbon emissions and use of paper in our publications. Nonetheless, we need to do what we can to minimise our direct impact and it has the added benefit of saving cost.

However, if we consider the environmental impacts outside our immediate operations, the picture is different and we have active projects to understand our impacts and how we can have a more positive impact in the following areas: Emissions from our flights, and those of our clients, when they travel to our events Flights made by our customers to our events can be several orders of magnitude larger than emissions from flights made by our colleagues. It may be that travelling to our events for several meetings saves several individual flights to separate meetings but further work is need to understand it. We have been developing methods to measure this and expect to be able to publish our first scope 3 footprint next year.

Waste arising from our events is significantly greater than waste arising from our offices. Where possible, we work with venues and exhibitors to reduce this and improve recycling rates, and we’re participating in several initiatives to understand these impacts better. Our Sustainable Events Ladder, discussed below, will be one of our key tools for collecting, sharing and measuring good practices, while our collaboration with UFI, the global association of the events industry, is helping develop an industrywide tool for collecting sustainability data from venues for shows. We’ll be reporting back on this collaboration in 2017 when we finish the first pilot with UFI.