Sustainability is a broad and constantly evolving concept.  It considers our long term impacts and how they affect a broad range of stakeholders.  It's about the ongoing viability of our business and our markets.

four pillarsFor us, it boils down to being responsible and fair over the long term. It's more about increasing the positive impacts we have than focussing on the negative impacts. We want to consider a broad range of stakeholders including our customers and investors but also our colleagues, communities and our environment. Doing so helps create a more engaging partner across our markets.

Informa and our colleagues' role is to connect people and knowledge across our verticals. We help communities solve critical challenges, reach better decisions and amplify positive change through our content and the communities we help foster. This is what sustainability is all about and it’s here that Informa can make the biggest positive impact. The professional skills of each colleague can help the specialist communities we work with so that they in turn can have an impact on the wider world.

The diagram below highlights how our four Sustainability pillars focus on the issues that most matter to our business and our stakeholders.  In particular, we must consider how we are helping solve some of the world’s largest challenges, including those in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by bringing the right people and knowledge together to address the global issues our niche sectors are wrestling with.   This is the difference we make and our greatest impact in the world.  It’s also a great place to grow our business as we believe there are significant market opportunities from those businesses best positions to be a driving force and enabler for this change.

Our 2016 Sustainability Report also has sections where colleagues from all over the world share stories of their roles have positive impacts.