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Sustainability considers the long term impact of business activities on a broad range of stakeholders.

At Informa, we focus on the issues that matter most to our businesses and stakeholders, and seek to increase the positive impact we have on Customers, Investors, Colleagues, the Communities we work within and the Environment by taking a responsible, long-term approach.

Informa's most significant impact is when our Content and activities connect people with each other and with knowledge, enabling Customers and Communities to better address critical challenges in their area.

  • Communities

Creating value and strong partnerships in the many niche communities we serve.

Our business provides substantial direct and indirect employment, adding wages to economies along with the tax that we pay. We complement this economic contribution with a range of partnerships to deepen our professional and personal impact, sharing our skills, knowledge and resources with selected third sector organisations.

Creating connections and advantage are two of the foundations of Informa’s work, and this value is extended to all our stakeholders.

Sharing Our Skills And Resources

All Informa employees are offered one day of paid volunteering per year, and many staff also participate in on-going volunteering projects. We encourage our colleagues to share their professional skills so we can have the highest impact possible.

We recognise that long-term, strategic partnerships between businesses and third sector organisations can bring about lasting social benefits. Our businesses have their own sustainability budget to develop partnerships, so that our professional skills and resources can contribute to addressing local, regional and industry challenges.


We recognise the importance of taxes in sustaining healthy, prosperous societies. Our approach to taxes falls under the responsibility of our Group Finance Director and Group Tax Director, with regular oversight from the Audit Committee and the Board. In managing our tax affairs, we commit to the following principles:

  • ensuring our tax disclosures are transparent, meeting all regulatory requirements and reflecting best practice as it develops;
  • complying with, and following the spirit of, the law in the countries where we operate;
  • engaging constructively and openly with local and national tax authorities;
  • where we pay our taxes being consistent with where revenue-generating activity takes place; and
  • using available tax incentives to optimise returns to our shareholders

Event Spotlight

Arab Health - Supporting Healthcare Excellence in the Middle East

Arab healthInforma’s Arab Health Exhibition runs Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited conference streams alongside the exhibition each year. CME is a form of continuing education which helps healthcare practitioners maintain their competence and incorporate new knowledge to improve the quality of medical care provided.

We started running these courses at low cost around 15 years ago as a deliberate choice to ‘give back’ to the healthcare community. Medical professionals need CME accreditation to keep practicing but the courses can be cost-prohibitive to those in lower income specialities such as nurses and lab technicians.

By the end of our 2014 event we are proud to say that we have supported approximately 80,000 healthcare professionals in gaining accreditation. The courses are accredited by the globally recognised Cleveland Clinic and we run awards with meaningful prizes alongside them. For example, one of the winners is flown to the Cleveland Clinic to gain work experience with a professional in their field of interest.

Simon Page
MD of Life Sciences, Global Exhibitions

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