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Sustainability considers the long term impact of business activities on a broad range of stakeholders.

At Informa, we focus on the issues that matter most to our businesses and stakeholders, and seek to increase the positive impact we have on Customers, Investors, Colleagues, the Communities we work within and the Environment by taking a responsible, long-term approach.

Informa's most significant impact is when our Content and activities connect people with each other and with knowledge, enabling Customers and Communities to better address critical challenges in their area.

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Delivering impactful knowledge and intelligence with integrity, through rigorous research and innovative processes


An important factor in the value of our publications and products is trust in our content. Our Academic Publishing Division employs rigorous peer review and screening processes to detect and act on plagiarism, our Business Intelligence Division adheres to a comprehensive editorial and content code, and our Global Exhibitions and Knowledge and Networking Divisions’ event production processes use strong research standards, with some major events engaging independent advisory boards to champion the best content.

To support our independence, and to help us ensure there is no perceived conflict of interest, Informa does not give money to political parties and does not engage in lobbying in its activities.  Our Code of Conduct prohibits our business, and our colleagues, from using our business resources or their position with Informa to support political causes or conduct lobbying. Through our day to day business, we do work with Government departments and trade associations but we do not get involved with specific cause related actions to influence policy.

Independence of Content: 100/100 - The Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2016(DJSI)

Access and Reach

Informa Academic Publishing has embraced Open Access (OA) publishing, with a model that champions our authors, maintains high quality content, and shares cutting edge knowledge with the world. Cogent OA is our dedicated OA publishing platform with 22 pure OA journals so far and growing. Additionally, over 96% of our entire journal portfolio has an OA option, with a target of 100% for the near future.

Product Spotlight

Cogent OA

Cogent OAI joined Taylor & Francis in 2013 to create a new team and launch a new imprint focused specifically on open access publishing, having previously been Chief Operating Officer at a large open access publisher for six years. My passion is the use of technology to facilitate research communication and a publishing process that allows researchers to do what they do best – carry out research.

I have been given the autonomy to set up this new unit based on my knowledge of how open access works and the differences to the traditional journal publishing models. The first year disappeared in the blink of an eye – setting out the strategy and business plan, creating and testing the Brand, overseeing our PDF designs (which use a font designed to be accessible to those with a learning difficulty), building the editorial boards for our journals, developing the new functionality that drives our website and, working with authors on their manuscripts. Cogent OA publishes 18 journals.

Bryan Vickery
Open Access Director, Cogent OA

Our STAR (Special Terms for Authors & Researchers) Programme further increases access while fostering the academic communities in developing regions, by providing a limited period of free access to 1,700 journals to support writing and publication efforts. The STAR programme sits alongside our participation in the International Association for Digital Publishers’ Affordable Access Program, INASP’s PERii Program, TEEAL, and Research4Life (including the Hinari Access to Research in Health Program). We remain an active founding member of Publishers for Development (PfD). These programmes support our efforts to increase the volume and acceptance rates of articles from researchers in developing regions.

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