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Sustainability considers the long term impact of business activities on a broad range of stakeholders.

At Informa, we focus on the issues that matter most to our businesses and stakeholders, and seek to increase the positive impact we have on Customers, Investors, Colleagues, the Communities we work within and the Environment by taking a responsible, long-term approach.

Informa's most significant impact is when our Content and activities connect people with each other and with knowledge, enabling Customers and Communities to better address critical challenges in their area.

  • Our People

Providing a flexible, inclusive workplace, developing the skills and passion of employees

“Freedom to succeed” is a guiding principle at Informa. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial mind-set and gives colleagues both the freedom and support to succeed.

Informa was recognised as one of Britain’s Top Employers in 2014 by the Top Employers Institute.

Encouraging Wellness

Informa recognise employee wellness as a key component of a healthy, productive working environment.

Informa encourages a healthy lifestyle with many offices running various sporting activities and offering flexibility in schedules to allow for exercise. The activity highlight of the year is the annual Group-wide February Fitness Challenge. During the month,100s of employee teams compete in numerous sports to clock up the highest number of miles or hours to win £4,000 towards their charity of choice.

We also offer a nutritional information programme, Nutrition 21, for all employees, running an interactive three week campaign to raise awareness around healthy eating. The campaign brings healthy eating to life through blog posts, video content, podcasts and the opportunity for employees to submit a food diary for review by a nutritionist.

Colleague Spotlight

Eleanor MaloneEleanor Malone, Editor of Scrip Intelligence

What do you do in your role?

I work with a team of journalists to produce news and analysis for the global pharmaceutical industry.

What were some of your highlights in 2014?

I was appointed Editor of Scrip, which I have worked on as a journalist for many years, so that was a highlight. Also, my team won several internal awards for our content – it’s great to receive recognition for our efforts. Other highlights included media appearances – I was interviewed on BBC radio a couple of times, on Sky News and CNBC about topics as diverse as Ebola vaccine trials and Pfizer’s takeover bid for AstraZeneca.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Covering the pharmaceutical sector is really interesting because there are so many issues at stake – technological, financial, ethical and political. I have met some amazing and hugely admirable people in this field, which is always thought-provoking and humbling. Meanwhile, working on a news publication over the past 15 years and living through the digital revolution has been fascinating.


The Informa Sharematch scheme offers employees an attractive route to share in Informa’s success. The scheme helps align all colleagues in driving forward the business, and allows Informa to invest in its employees as partners: for every 2 shares purchased, Informa will match with another free share.

Celebrating achievements

The hard work of Informa colleagues is rewarded with competitive packages and celebrated in individual teams, but we also celebrate achievements at a global level. The annual Informa Awards recognise staff in 12 categories including ‘Acting with Responsibility’, ‘Leading Innovation’ and ‘Teamwork’.

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