Recognising Diversity as a Driver Of Business Success

Informa wants to attract and retain a diverse range of talent. Having a breadth of skills and experiences is both an essential business need and, we believe, the only right way to run a company. Diversity makes Informa an interesting place to work, but also make us more creative, more resilient and better able to engage with our many niche audiences.

Our working environment must be welcoming and stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding, and combine a level of personal freedom with opportunities to exchange views and ideas. This ‘cognitive diversity’, alongside more traditional issues such as race, gender and so on, can be what makes Informa such a great place to work.

Formed in 2016, our 23-person diversity and inclusion working group started work to develop our ‘AllInforma’ initiative, and key activities for 2017 include:

  • launching training on ‘unconscious bias’ to recruitment managers
  • setting recommended recruitment practices for our HR and recruitment firms
  • establishing new colleague networks
  • meeting the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting legislation
  • examining ways in which we can gather better data on the diversity of our colleagues