Helping the Life Sciences Community Build Partnerships and Develop Cures


Within Knowledge & Networking, the EBD brand specialises in partnering for the life science industry. Our events bring together the private and public sectors with industry associations to cultivate long-term, trustworthy relationships focused on improving care for patients all round the world.

The BIO-Europe show brings together 3,700 people every year from two groups who need to work together: small biotech companies looking to get innovations to market and the big pharma companies who have the capabilities and desire to take those innovations through testing and to market.

A key pillar of our success is our online partnering system. We’ve invested in software that helps facilitate better meetings at events. At BIO-Europe, the system helps set up more than 21,000 meetings over three days. With the key meetings set up in advance, attendees can then spend their time at the event developing the valuable informal networking opportunities that are just as important for building relationships.

This helps us achieve high retention rates because our attendees value what we do and consider themselves, and EBD, as part of a community that works to advance drug development and ultimately brings treatment and cures to patients.