New code of conduct and anti-bribery training launched

Annie Mickle, Head of Group Compliance

One of the challenges for any Group Compliance team is how to communicate a large amount of information to colleagues so that they remember it, understand why it’s important and use it in their day-to-day work. In 2016, we decided to refresh and simplify our written guidance to meet this challenge.

led out in early 2017,  now contains straightforward information on our responsibilities and commitments around things like data privacy and information security, anti-corruption, and modern slavery. It also explains Speak Up, our new, externally hosted whistleblowing hotline. The Code is supported by a refreshed framework of global policies, including new ones on diversity & inclusion and tax, as well as a revised Business Partner Code of Conduct. These codes and our key policies have been translated into other languages to reflect our growing colleague and customer bases in places like China and Brazil.

To support the new documentation, we rolled out mandatory training on the code and preventing bribery to all colleagues in Q2 and Q4. This is now part of our compliance induction programme, so that new joiners have the information and support they need to make ethical choices from the start.

To see our codes and policies, please click here.