- Using Learning and Networking Platforms to Help Make the World Safer

Using Learning and Networking Platforms to Help Make the World Safer

Jason Trimmer is Heathrow Airport’s Infrastructure Architect, responsible for governance and developing a ten-year strategy for radio and cellular communications hardware to meet the needs of one of the world’s busiest airports.

He is a regular attendee at Critical Comms World (CCW), one of a series of events run by Informa's Knowledge & Networking division, that brings together the international community of critical communications professionals from emergency services, transport and utilities. 

Heathrow airportTrimmer comments: “CCW is the glue that holds a lot of our industry together. I can get in touch with other end users, network operators, the industry association and vendors. The atmosphere encourages us to share ideas and debate upcoming strategy."

He continues: "What I learn at CCW helps me fashion the critical communications strategy for Heathrow – and, having met people at the event, I can pick up the phone to them afterwards. Why is this so important? The communications network at Heathrow is mission-critical – it allows the emergency services to respond better. Without an industry event of this scale and style – which attracts everyone in the industry – I’d be feeling around in the dark a lot more.

"And the team at Informa listens to our views – I worked with the team to shape new aspects of the conference, and that ability to take on board feedback means the events are relevant to everyone.”