The UN and Sustainability

The value of the UN's sustainability development goals.

UN sustainability goals graphic

The United Nations has issued a call to action to protect the planet and end poverty, inequality and injustice. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 interconnected ambitions representing the biggest challenges and knowledge gaps on the planet today. Bridging these gaps is of real importance not just to our customers, markets and colleagues, but to society at large.


The Business & Sustainable Development Commission estimated in 2017 that there are opportunities for businesses in delivering the SDGs: an estimated $12tn of them over the next 10 to 15 years. The organisations that get this right stand to make a huge impact on the world while growing alongside their partners. We believe Informa can – and should – be at the heart of connecting our customers with the knowledge and networks they need to meet the SDGs most relevant to their markets. In this way, the SDGs are a compelling growth and engagement strategy for our business. The sustainability team is working with colleagues across Informa on how best to identify and develop these opportunities, whether this means engaging with new markets or increasing innovations or efficiencies.

We contribute to the SDGs both directly, through our operations, and indirectly, through the content and networks we help to create, curate and disseminate. Our indirect contributions, or our “brainprint”, is where we have the biggest influence. Many of the industry verticals within which we operate align with a specific SDG (or two) and much of our work contributes to a sector’s ability to address those goals as part of wider challenges a sector is facing – whether curing disease, promoting equality or feeding a growing population. We’re creating reports and events focused on specific SDGs, but also recognise that much of our work helps with progress towards the SDGs without specifically referencing them. 

In 2017, we’ve explored which of the SDGs our content most aligns with and their relative importance to our business. The graphic on this page shows how much we think our products and services can, and have the potential to, play a role in our customers’ abilities to achieve those goals. We’ve also highlighted the primary and secondary contributions made by the way we run our business and deliver our products. This is the first step in making the most of these opportunities and finding ways we can most effectively contribute to the SDGs.