Claire Carpenter

  • Business Architect

    Global Support

    London, UK

  • //It’s a diverse business, and that’s what makes the day-to-day both challenging and interesting.//

  • I’ve worked for Informa for nearly 10 years, across many different projects in HR and IT. As a Business Enterprise Architect I now look at the link between business strategy and technology, analysing and advising on how technology can be aligned to enable the Group’s growth objectives.

    A highlight of 2015 was working on the Growth Acceleration Plan. I’m part of the central group of specialists that assesses each project at every major stage before funding is given. My role is to understand what project teams are trying to achieve and ensure they have fully considered their technology needs and impacts, from planning and process changes to platform choices.

    It’s been fascinating to be part of a major strategic initiative for the Group, and being chosen to work alongside different teams and consultants has expanded my skills and network.

    Being part of Global Support means providing services and support to all four Operating Divisions. It’s a privileged position because you get insight into the whole Company, which brings a real breadth of experience, and everyone is open to collaborating. It’s a diverse business – we’re in many different locations and end markets with a variety of products – and that’s what makes the day-to-day both challenging and interesting.

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