Eng Guan Ang

  • Managing Director

    Taylor & Francis China

    Beijing, China

  • //I feel proud to be part of an industry that expands knowledge and promotes understanding.//

  • I chose publishing as a career nearly 20 years ago because I’m passionate about information. Information gives advantage, whatever field you work in. I feel proud to be part of an industry that expands knowledge and promotes understanding.

    At Informa I manage sales and editorial for Books and Journals within the Chinese academic community. It’s a fantastic time to be working in China. The academic market is rapidly evolving, and there’s a thirst for access to content plus a desire from Chinese authors to reach a global audience.

    In a typical day I might design a subscription and licensing package for a major Chinese university, brainstorm how to promote our new digital formats or look for business opportunities for our products in light of external events, such as the interest in Beijing’s smog cloud.

    I also speak at events to explain the long-term partnerships we offer authors and researchers. We’re increasingly well known here; in 2015, the Chinese-language version of our Visible Learning for Teachers book was singled out as the most-wanted book amongst Chinese teachers by China Educational News Web.

    There’s a deep focus on people within the Academic Publishing Division. Everyone works closely together, there’s lots of trust and success is recognised. The relationship I have with my Senior Managers and team is excellent and rewarding.

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