Julian Kirby

  • Group Portfolio Director for Global Finance

    Knowledge & Networking

    London, UK

  • //Informa has given me the freedom and support to develop my career.//

  • I oversee a portfolio of over 40 events targeting specific communities within Global Finance. We are constantly refreshing our events to cater to customer needs, and part of my role is to understand the trends impacting clients and devise solutions to help them create value.

    One of my 2015 highlights was getting positive feedback from very discerning Chief Risk Officers on the interactive labs at our RiskMinds International Conference. And at our flagship FundForum and SuperReturn events, we introduced a popular new ‘Live’ service, capturing and distributing realtime data and commentary from the events. This original digital content met the demands of attendees and sponsors whilst also being commercially successful.

    I started out as a conference producer, and Informa has given me both the freedom and support to grow professionally and develop my career. I find the leadership hugely motivational; you feel as though you can contribute and help shape the Company’s path.

    I’m very excited about the opportunities ahead in 2016. The new operating structure in Knowledge & Networking will enable us to develop our products further and better engage with customers. Fintech is a particularly interesting sub-sector. It’s been a topic at larger conferences, and we intend to build this capability out into standalone learning and networking events.

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