Informa operates in a growing, global market for professional, commercial and academic knowledge and information.

Our aim is to generate sustainable value for shareholders and maintain positive, long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and our communities.

We do this by harnessing the ideas and contributions of our colleagues, our culture, brands, customer and partner relationships, financial capital and infrastructure to deliver products, services and outcomes that customers value.

Informa is organised into four Operating Divisions, each with a separate and strong management team accountable for the Division’s performance, plus a fifth Global Support Division. This creates an overall Group portfolio with balance and breadth in revenue mix, geographies, verticals and products and services. 

The Growth Acceleration Plan

The Growth Acceleration Plan, or GAP, is how Informa focused on delivering the Group's aims between 2014 and 2017.

“The goal is simple but demanding: to return every part of our business progressively to growth, and simultaneously to build the capabilities and platforms needed for future scale and consistent performance.”

Stephen A. Carter, Group Chief Executive

GAP is structured into six disciplines that represent the Group’s focus. In combination, they are intended to improve the overall operational fitness of the Group, strengthen core capabilities and build a platform for future sustainable growth.

GAP Framework

In the Investment programme within GAP, the intention has been to spend £70m to £90m between 2014 and 2017 in a range of people, product, process and platforms initiatives across the Group.

Watch videos from our Finance Director and project management team to learn more.