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Debt Summary

Informa aims to maintain a strong balance sheet and flexible funding mix, creating long-term visibility and liquidity in its financing.

The Group manages liquidity risk by maintaining adequate reserves and debt facilities, and continuously monitoring forecast and actual cash flows to match the maturity profiles of financial assets and liabilities.

We expect to continue to be in a net borrowing position for the foreseeable future. We fulfil borrowing requirements by borrowing in currencies in which the Group operates, principally GBP, USD and EUR, to hedge projected future cash flows.

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  • Facilities
  • Maturity Profile
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Strong Visibility and Attractive Cash Flow Dynamics

Informa has visible and predictable revenue streams, with a large proportion of annual income booked in advance through subscriptions or forward bookings for events, which generates highly attractive cash flow characteristics.

  • Cash Conversion %

    Cash conversion
  • Free Cash Flow (£M)

    Free Cashflow
  • Net debt/Covenant EBITDA

    Net debt/Covenant EBITDA

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Current Debt Facilities

  Total Facility Amount Drawn Amount Available Average Cost of Debt Maturity
£m £m      
Private Placement Loan Notes
USD 102.0m              82.9              82.9                  -     December 2017
EUR 50.0m              42.8              42.8                  -     December 2017
GBP 40.0m              40.0              40.0                  -     December 2017
USD 385.5m           313.3           313.3                  -     December 2020
USD 120.0m              97.5              97.5                  -     December 2022
USD 130m           105.7           105.7                  -     December 2025
Total Private Placement Loan Notes           682.2           682.2                  -   4.30%  
Other Borrowings
Bank Overdrafts                  9.4      
Acquisition Facility           548.6           548.6                  -     March 2019
Term Facilities Agreement           150.0                  -             150.0   December 2019
Bank Borrowings - Revolving Credit Facility           900.0           300.2           599.8   October 2020
Total Other Borrowings        1,598.6           858.2           749.8    
Total        2,280.8        1,540.4           749.8 2.30%  

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  • Robust balance sheet

    • 2.6x

      Gearing at 2016 year-end

    • £1.2bn

      2016 Addition of Penton

    • c.£150m

      USD currency impact

    • £715m

      Equity financing via Rights Issue

    Mix of bank debt and US PP debt

    • $500m

      US PP issuance in November

    • 4.1%

      Average coupon

    • 6.2

      Average years' maturity

    • >80%

      Of debt US Dollar denominated

    Secure Pension position

    • Defined benefit schemes closed

    • £38m

      Net liabilities including Penton

  • Net Debt Bridge

    Net Debt Bridge

    Debt Maturity

    Debt Maturity

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