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Informa offers an attractive combination of growth and yield, through a robust business model that provides strong revenue visibility and attractive financial characteristics.

Through Informa's combination with UBM, our ambition is to create a leading B2B Information Services Group with operating scale and industry specialism.

See the UBM Combination page for more information, and find out more about our Divisions and their profile.

  • Attractive Markets
  • Leading Brands
  • Robust Business Model
  • Strong Financials

The Knowledge & Information economy

  • 260m

    people visit exhibitions each year

  • 300m

    25-34 year olds will have tertiary level education by 2030

  • 7,000+

    New members join LinkedIn every hour

  • 25%

    Digital economy as a proportion of global GDP by 2020

  • $2trn

    Expected spend by the US on education in 2020

  • 7.2bn

    Air passenger traffic growing at 3.7% a year, to 7.2bn in 2035

  • 50bn

    Objects will be online by 2020

  • 1.5bn

    English language speakers worldwide

Attractive Markets in Growth

  • Academic Books & Journals

    • $27bn

      HSS & STM market size, according to Simba Information

    • 0-2%

      Market year-on-year growth

  • Business Information & Intelligence

    • $4bn

      Market size in Informa's verticals, according to Outsell, Inc.

    • 4-6%

      Market year-on-year growth

  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions

    • $29bn

      Market size, according to AMR International

    • 3-6%

      Market year-on-year growth

  • Conferences, Events & Training

    • >$100bn

      Market size, according to proprietary analysis

    • 0-3%

      Market year-on-year growth

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Taylor & Francis
CRC Press
Cogent OA
China Beauty Expo
EPFR Global
Lloyd's List
Arab Health
Natural Products EXPO West
World of Concrete
Monaco Yacht Show
Internet of Things World
Biotech Week Boston
Africa Comt
SuperReturn International
Broadband World Forum
hong kong jewellery fair
children baby maternity expo
md and m west

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Generating Shareholder Value

Market Context

Informa operates in a growing, global market for professional, commercial and academic knowledge and information.

How we Operate

Behaviours and Principles

// Act commercially // Focus on quality // Encourage innovation // Operate responsibly //


// Unique Brands // International footprint // Mix of businesses //


  • Talent

    Recruiting and retaining talented individuals, and developing their skills.

  • Brands

    Developing and protecting the value that Informa’s individual Brands hold in their specialist markets.

  • Relationships

    Building positive and productive relationships with customers and specialist communities.

  • Financial Capital

    Maintaining access to sources of capital for funding ongoing operations, investments and acquisitions.


Having systems, processes and technology that help deliver and support our products and services globally.


Four operating divisions and one supporting division

Academic Publishing

Academic Publishing

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Global Exhibitions

Global Exhibitions

Knowledge & Networking

Knowledge & Networking

Global Support

Global Support


Books and Journals

Digital subscriptions and unit sales.

Data and intelligence products and services

Digital subscriptions and unit sales, consultancy and advertising.

Exhibitions, conferences and training events

Sale of exhibition space, delegate revenue, sponsorship and advertising.


  • Research and Information

    Production and dissemination of peer reviewed, high quality academic research and information.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Competitive advantage for professional customers through data, insight and intelligence.

  • Customer value

    Connections and relationships that create commercial value for customers.

  • Shareholder Value

    Generation of profits and revenues that provide Shareholder value and allow reinvestment in the business.

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Global Reach & Predictable Revenue Streams

  • Group's Revenue by Region £M

    • Revenue by Region
    • UK UK 153.9
      Cont. Europe Cont. Europe 236.7
      North America North America 939.1
      Rest of World Rest of World 427.9
  • Group's Revenue by Type £M

    • Revenue by Type
    • Subscriptions Subscriptions 567.5
      Exhibitor Exhibitor 451.3
      Unit Sales Unit Sales 278.0
      Attendee Attendee 182.8
      Sponsorship Sponsorship 105.7
      Marketing & Advertising Services Marketing & Advertising Services 172.3

Strong Cash Characteristics & Consistent Dividend Growth

  • Cash Conversion %

    Cash conversion
  • Free Cash Flow (£M)

    Free Cashflow
  • Dividend per share (p)

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