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Combination and Creation

Read about the Group's latest business developments and financial highlights, and learn more about our markets, brands and colleagues in the Informa 2018 Annual Report, Combination and Creation

Chairman's Introduction

“GAP created a Group with greater balance and breadth and this positive momentum has given your management team and the Board the confidence to do more.”

Group Chief Executive's Review

“The great strength of the Informa Group is that we all work in the detail and the specialism across multiple customer markets.”

2018 Group Highlights

2018 was a busy and productive period for Informa.

The Group reported a fifth consecutive year of growth in revenue, profits, cash flow and dividends.

Underlying revenue growth
Operating profit
Adjusted operating profit
Free cash flow
Dividend per share

Engaging Inside and Outside Informa

To operate, grow and succeed, Informa relies on many different communities and partners inside and outside of the Company.